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Speeches and Writings

Here are links to Lisle's speeches, letters, or other writing.

Why I am opposed to the proposed new Charter - my commentary in the Newton TAB (Jul 26, 2017).

Brief amicus curiae ("friend of the court") filed with Alderman Brian Yates in the Court of Appeals for the Commonwealth in support of interpreting Newton's zoning ordinance to limit development of substandard lots
(13 pages, PDF file).

Read the commentary in the Newton TAB, June 14, 2012: "Baker, Lipsitt, Vance: The argument against selling naming rights in Newton schools"

Lisle's remarks at Newton Veteran's Day, November 11, 2009

Read Lisle's 2009 President's Report (PDF file, opens in new window).

Lisle's Guest Column, Newton TAB, Jul 15, 2008 - "Two ideas: remember Newton's strengths and listen more in person" (MS Word file, 36 Kb), or read online at the TAB (opens a new browser window).

Lisle's letter to the editor, Newton TAB, regarding the Newton Override vote. (MS Word file, 28 Kb).

Read Lisle's remarks at the Dedication of the Covenant Residences at 33 Commonwealth Avenue, Friday, May 09, 2008 (MS Word file, 28 Kb).

Read Lisle's remarks on Inauguration Day, January 1, 2008 at City Hall (MS Word file, 32 Kb), and the Assignments to Standing And Special Committees for the new Board of Aldermen (MS Word file, 28 Kb).

Read Lisle Baker's message to the voters (MS Word file, 24 Kb).

Read Lisle's speech "Being an Alderman In Newton" to the Jewish American War Veterans, Sept. 20, 2007 (MS Word file, 32 Kb).

Read Lisle's answers to the League of Women Voters questionnaire, 2007 (opens a new browser window).

Read Lisle's 2007 President's Report.

Read Lisle's remarks to the ACLU meeting March 5, 2006 (opens a new browser window).

Download Lisle's letter to the Chair of the Massachusetts Transportation Planning and Programming Committee (02/10/06) about the Commonwealth Avenue reconstruction. (MS Word file, 24 Kb)

Download Lisle's letter to the Massachusetts Secretary of Environmental Affairs and the Director of the Massachusetts EPA, (01/20/06) about the draft Environmental Impact Statement on the proposed Chestnut Hill Square project. (MS Word file, 52 Kb)

Download the 2006 President's report (01/04/06) to the Newton Board of Aldermen. (PDF file, 40 Kb)

Download Lisle's letter dated 09/27/05 describing updates to the Covenant House development proposed for Commonwealth Avenue. (MS Word file, 24 Kb)

Read Lisle's guest commentary from the Newton TAB (June 22, 2005) about the proposed Covenant Residences project on Commonwealth Avenue (opens a new browser window).

Download Lisle's remarks of June 7, 2005 to the graduating class of Newton South High School. (MS Word file, 24 Kb)

Read the First Annual President's Report, January 3, 2005 (opens a new browser window).

You can download Lisle's remarks from the Inauguration Exercises held at City Hall on January 1st, 2004. (Microsoft Word format, 29Kb)

See Boston Globe West, Sunday December 28, 2003: "Aldermen's new leader will listen" (opens a new browser window).


R. Lisle Baker
137 Suffolk Road
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(617) 566-3848

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