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Lisle has carried the support of his constituents when he has run for re-election to the City Council. For example, at a 2010 kick-off party hosted by Ward 7 residents Michael and Debbie Slater at their home on Cotton Street, Mr. Slater praised Alderman Baker as working "as hard, selflessly and with as great a love for our City as anyone I know,' and concluded 'in this year where everything is changing... we especially need to retain experienced leadership to help maintain and enhance our community. That's why it's important that Lisle be returned to the Board of Alderman as our Alderman. Newton needs him, especially now." (See the full text of Michael's introduction, which opens a new window.)

In his remarks, Lisle, said, "I hope to continue to work with citizens and colleagues to preserve and enhance the community we share."

Some of what Lisle has done is listed in his campaign brochure ("Baker's half-dozen: Six reasons why we need to keep Lisle Baker as our Ward 7 Councilor in November"), and you can download the brochure in PDF format (approx. 221 kb). Lisle won that race by more than a 3-1 margin, thanks to help of concerned citizens like you.

Now he has the opportunity to continue as a Councilor for another term. If you would like to give your support to Lisle's campaign, please contact him about how you would like to help. You can call him at (617) 566-3848 or send email to:

In the days leading up to the November 7th election, you can help in a variety of ways:

  • Add your name to a growing list of endorsers by e-mailing Lisle your name as you would like it to appear (
  • E-mail a card to your friends who live in Ward Seven urging them to vote for Lisle. Here is some suggested language:
    "Dear friend(s): I urge you to vote for Lisle Baker for Newton Councilor on November 5th. He has served us well on the City Council in the past and he will serve us well in the future.

    From serving individual constituents to working to preserve and enhance our community, Lisle is a dedicated and innovative public servant. Let's keep Lisle as our Councilor so he's here when we need him."


R. Lisle Baker
137 Suffolk Road
Newton, MA 02467-1217
(617) 566-3848

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