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Constituent Service

In May of 2015, The Newton Democratic City Committee thanked Lisle for his years of service as the chairman of the Ward 7 Democratic Committee:

Gratitude to Baker

The Newton Democratic City Committee extends its thanks and appreciation to Alderman Lisle Baker for his service as chairman of the Ward 7 Democratic Committee. Lisle assumed the leadership of the Ward 7 Democrats not long after the passing of Senator Ted Kennedy. The following years, all the way through to the 2014 gubernatorial election, were incredibly busy for Massachusetts Democrats. Lisle led the Ward 7 Democrats capably through many dramatic conventions, caucuses and elections. As he steps down from his post, we say thank you for a job well done.

- Shawn Fitzgibbons, chairman,
  Sharon Stout, co-chairwoman,
  Newton Democratic City Committee

Lisle has often been involved on behalf of citizens with a problem, for example, Brackett Road.

Bracket Road residents Gayle Ehrlich and Howard Barnstone wrote:

"As residents of Brackett Road in Ward Seven we called upon Alderman Baker to facilitate a contentious matter to a successful resolution acceptable to the City and the residents of Brackett Road.

"The issue involved a tree on a city berm on Brackett Road where there was a dispute regarding the removal of the tree. Alderman Baker engaged all parties involved - Brackett Road residents, Newton officials, and others concerned with the removal of the tree. Alderman Baker, over a 6 month time span, spent much time and energy mediating the heated situation, providing creative solutions and positive encouragement to find a solution to this matter. Alderman Baker spent many hours speaking with residents of Brackett Road and city officials, directing the parties to each successive step in order to bring closure to the dispute. As a result of Alderman Baker's effort, it was agreed that 12 new, privately funded trees were planted on Brackett Road while the disputed tree was removed. This favorable outcome would not have been achieved without Alderman Baker's tireless effort to bring the town and the street together.

"Throughout this difficult process Alderman Baker always proceeded in a fair and objective manner, considering all aspects of the issue and guiding it to its ultimate positive resolution. We applaud Alderman Baker for his perseverance and positive attitude throughout this difficult situation. He is an outstanding advocate for the welfare of the community."

Howard Barnstone & Gayle Ehrlich, Brackett Road

Other citizens have worked with Lisle over time.

"We very strongly support Lisle Baker for re-election to the Board of Aldermen for Ward 7 for many reasons.
"We have known Lisle for over 30 years, a period during which a great many difficult issues have arisen in the City. Many of these have occurred while he has been an Alderman and in recent years President of the Board. Issues have ranged from severe traffic and parking to the establishment of a Historic District and to building and expansion activity of Boston College and of residential and commercial interests throughout the city.

"While having to deal with these substantial matters Lisle has always attended to and provided time and energy to respond patiently and effectively to the complaints of individual constituents.

"Newton is a better place for Lisle's presence and commitment and we must maintain the same."

H. Day and Catherine V. Brigham, Reservoir Avenue

"We have known Alderman Lisle Baker for at least twenty years. In that time, we have found many reasons to commend and to thank him. He is a voice of reason in this city. Not only are we grateful for his contributions to the Newton city government, but he has always given us timely and accurate advice on city-related matters of concern to us personally.

"For example, we have been exposed, as have many Newton residents, to zoning and building permit controversies. Lisle has unfailingly helped us determine the best course of action. As another example: at our request, Lisle referred us to legislators who might help implement a captioned telephone system in Massachusetts, which would be of great help to the hearing disabled, including one of us. He did not stop with a simple recommendation, but also took the time to contact these people personally.

"Lisle is a knowledgeable, thorough, intelligent and approachable person. He is one of those admirable people who are capable of resolving issues and also care enough to do so."

Phil and Sharon Lichtman, Valley Spring Road

Letters to the Editor, The Newton TAB:

To the Editor:

"We support Lisle Baker for re-election to the Board of Aldermen for Ward 7. We appreciate the many ways he has been valuable to the community and to the city government. We recommend him to our fellow citizens for the following reasons:

  • He attends community meetings and responds immediately to local issues requiring attention;
  • He is outstanding regarding constituent services - always willing to answer questions, and respond to telephone inquiries;
  • He played the key creative and leadership role in preserving the Newton Commonwealth Golf course for the public to enjoy;
  • He is a committed, effective and creative proponent in preserving open space and in planning for and supporting appropriate community development;
  • As an experienced lawyer and law professor, he is knowledgeable about Newton legal issues;
  • In his aldermanic responsibilities and meetings, he provides insights and leadership in a quiet, reasonable and effective style. He is respected by his fellow alderman for his wisdom and experience.

"In summary, he has served in outstanding fashion as Ward 7 Alderman for twenty years, and we hope he will continue to serve for many more."

Sarah and Octo Barnett
Westminster Rd.

Letters to the Editor, The Newton TAB:

To the Editor:

"I am pleased to endorse Alderman Lisle Baker for re-election as the Ward Alderman for Ward Seven.

"As Chairman of the Newton Community Preservation Committee, I have had an opportunity to work with Alderman Baker through the his role on the Ad Hoc Committee on Community Preservation which has reviewed all of the recommendations proposed for funding under the Community Preservation Act. Alderman Baker is thorough and thoughtful in his review of our proposals. His efforts assure that every project funded through the Community Preservation Act meets our high goals for Newton's community preservation efforts.

"I am also a Ward 7 resident and constituent of Alderman Baker's. He has been a knowledgeable and effective advocate for our neighborhood's needs within the wider Newton community."

Jeffrey W. Sacks
Old Colony Road


R. Lisle Baker
137 Suffolk Road
Newton, MA 02467-1217
(617) 566-3848

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